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Zach Vinson, Owner of VINFIT, Has

a Passion for Fitness

still do.  I just did not see me doing this forever.  However, I did see myself working out forever, so that is when I started thinking
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VINFIT is the result of dreaming big and working hard to make the dream come true.  I started weight training in 2006 and became obsessed with the sport.  I loved the feeling of getting stronger and watching my body change.  After finishing college and going to work full time as a welder, I realized that welding was not what I wanted to do for a living.  Don’t get me wrong, I liked welding and
not have to plan their day or night around when the gym was open. My ideas began to form into a plan. The first step was to search for a suitable building.  For two years my family and I looked at real estate possibilities in the Murfreesboro area.  In September of 2011 the old Flowers bread store and distribution warehouse was purchased. This building was basically gutted and restored completely, with an addition built on by Watson Builders.  My dad and I spent nearly every day after work, weekends, and vacations working on and restoring this old building.  It became a real family project with lots of “blood, sweat, and tears” poured into it.  But it felt good watching the building slowly change into what it is today and seeing my vision become a reality. In July 2013 our family opened VINFIT, and we are proud of our new fitness and tanning facility. It was a lot of hard work, but hard work is what it takes. It’s the same way with fitness goals.  Just like this old building, your body will not change overnight.  But if you put the work in every day and if you believe in yourself, you can eventually transform yourself into what you desire to be. Are you ready for a transformation?  Let’s get started.   
Zach Vinson VINFIT, LLC
about creating a gym. I knew that I wanted a 24-hour facility so members would